Track rod end or Tie rod ends are a very important steering control systems that are attached at the tip of a tie rod and connect the wheels of the car to the steering and suspension parts that allow the vehicle to steer easily. 
Typically one can continue to drive car if the tie rod end or a track rod end is worn, but if it fails completely, you'll lose steering control and that can have hazardous results so its advisable to get the car checked completely and use the good quality aftermarket spare parts if looking to save on cost. 

Signs Of A Bad Track Rod or Tie Rod End 

While the oil change is done its important to check the Tie rod ends, by a qualified mechanic or technician. These are parts are prone to wearing off. As tie rod ends get worn out they become loose and develop play or free movement which can easily be felt during the handling of the vehicle. A Bad tie rod end negatively impacts the vehicle’s front end alignment and causes excessive tire wearing out and also front suspension issues. 
Lets understand the most common signs of a wornout or bad tie rod ends... 

1. Vehicle starts pulling to a side while driving 

This is the first and most common symptom is the track rod or tie rod end is failing. The car starts to pull to one side and at high speeds its very risky for passengers as well as for the fellow commuters. 

2. Car Alignment issues 

There are multiple reasons for the alignment out issues. Tie rod ends wearing out leads to uneven wearing out of the tire that further adds to the distorted alignment and steering issues. 

3. Tire wear out unevenly 

If the alignment is correctly balanced the suspension systems & steering systems balances the weight of the car across all four tyres proportionately. When there is an issue with the alignment, the weight on tires change and this leads to wearing out excessively on that tire. 

4. Steering wheel feels shaky, vibrating, play or looseness or wavering or erratic movement 

Bad tie rod ends can make the steering wheel feel loose or have a free movement which is also called as steering wheel play. If there is excessive play or a high 'deadzone', (the amount of steering turned before is starts turning the car), its likely that tie rods or track rod ends are worn out. 

5. Squeaking sounds can be felt from the front of the vehicle. 

Along with steering play issues one also feels the squeaking or rattle sounds. As tie rods or the track rod ends wear out, they become loose and begin to rattle at the joints, if the rubber covers also crack, the dirt gets into the joint and that makes grinding noise while steering. The tie-rod ends of cars provide stability and allow the car, truck or SUV to give a smooth drive on the road. Apart from the smooth drive these are also very important for the safety of the passengers and others on the road. 
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