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Every time we turn on the TV, radio, social media, or, go shopping, fill-up fuel, have a conversation or simply turn on the lights, the topic inevitably turns to the “cost-of-living crisis.” 
The soaring food and energy prices are affecting everyone across the globe. But when the crisis starts influencing housing and motoring, a profound lifestyle shifts needs to be considered. 
With a whopping 70% energy bills rise in a year, prime lending rate increases and inflation topping the highest in the UK for over 40 years, yes, we are definitely, in a crisis! 
Government has muted removing annual MOT inspections to help save consumers money. Desperate parents have accidentally poisoned their children by turning off fridges and freezers to save money as soaring prices hit the poor harder. 
All this, and the financial, practical and emotional responsibilities are still there, in fact they are mounting. Now more than ever, mobility has become a key factor in our lives. Whether it’s the food we eat, the places we visit, the friends we see or the family we love, mobility is involved. We need to #GetThere. 
It goes without saying that the cost of living crisis has had a significant impact on our finances, our spending habits, and our way of life. You shouldn't have to choose between a hearty meal and staying warm. However, it is understandable that one needs to tighten the purse strings where one can. 
This crisis is also affecting the vast majority of drivers’ motoring habits. 
Car Maintenance costs have increased by more than 15% due to parts and labour prices. 
According to a recent poll, almost one in three drivers have stated that they will cut back on their driving expenses this year as a result of squeezed budgets. 
35% are driving less this year and cutting down on non-essential journeys. 
Nearly a quarter of drivers who don't have a pre-paid servicing plan for their vehicle stated that they will skip their yearly maintenance this year in an effort to cut costs. 
One in ten drivers have resorted to attempting repairs on their cars themselves. 
As a direct result of the crises, 17% of drivers of EVs or hybrids have switched from a diesel or petrol car this year in order to reduce their running costs. 
One in ten drivers said that they have sold their car this year and not replaced it. 
This may have you worried about how to cope with all this. You are certainly not alone. Everyone is feeling the pinch from the highest inflation spike in decades. Your money isn't going as far as it used to. But the helpful news is that there are some ways you can save money, cut high costs, and make small changes to ultimately spend less. 
We need to reiterate here that a well maintained car is an efficient car. Car maintenance is a preventive measure to ensure that there is no significant engine damage. So don’t skimp on it.  
As a result of the rising cost of motoring, many drivers have adopted good car maintenance habits. These seemingly small measures have a big impact on fuel consumption. 
10% of drivers have started regularly checking their tyre pressure 
11% have ensured that their car boot is emptied of any heavy items. 
3% have removed any bike racks, roof racks or bars that they had permanently kept on their car. 
Be on top of simple car maintenance like ensuring top up of oil and water level to keep the car running smoothly. 
With the cost of household bills sky rocketing, more and more customers are ensuring that they get value for money for everything from car insurance to car parts. 
At SMIC Autoparts we have an innovative way to help you and your family. We offer Original Manufacturer (OEM) parts at value driven aftermarket prices with quality backed by ISO and IATF. 
We have also been awarded the Best Emerging Brand Award by WCRINT. 
With over 10 years of excellence in the auto industry and a leader in the Indian sub-continent, SMIC Autoparts parts are now available to you through your nearest garage or dealer. 
Powered by our values of Integrity, Safety and Quality we continue our trajectory of being the world’s number 1 aftermarket auto parts brand. 
SMIC Autoparts – Ride In Confidence 
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